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I began working with professional broadcast equipment in high school at New Trier Soundtraks, broadcasting concerts to public access TV using aging Sony cameras and CCUs with a Grass Valley Model 110 video switcher that flashed the error message 'HELP' as it died one night minutes before we were to go live (true story, and we managed a pretty good broadcast once we made some repairs). Since then, I've worked a variety of roles in a number of studios and continue to love the fast-paced nature of live production. With an expert understanding of signal flow and by keeping abreast of new technologies, I'm able to design and deploy cutting edge multi-camera production packages. Due to the nature of live productions and copyright restrictions, the majority of my broadcast work is unavailable on the internet. Please enjoy the small amount I'm able to share!

AJ+ | Belal Muhammad
Camera Operator

The Weather Channel | Where's Winter
Camera Operator, Chicago Segment

Fighting Illini Productions
Camera Operator, Technical Director, Editor

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Refinery 29 | Real Is Rare Love Story Chicago
1st Assistant Camera